08/2013 As has been announced the next Tomb Raider title is in planning, further details are not yet known.

Tomb Raider 2013 is out

Tomb Raider 1 & UB on Win XP/Vista/7 x86 and 64 bit

Just new Version 1_53b with FMV Pack.

laraunlimited.com mainly provides walkthroughs for Tomb Raider Series 1-8 & Anniversary. Also, though, it provides technical support for the PC versions, Medias such as sounds and lots of screenshots, cheat codes, trainers, savegames to TR 6, lots of little helpers (programs, tools) and help for the level editor. Here also you find help for running the old Tomb Raider Parts 1-6 on Win 32 and 64bit XP/Vista/7 playable.

For Tomb Raider 1 & UB, we have very detailed instructions on how to play the game with Glidos on modern systems.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to keep my website up to date at all times, below you get an overview ....

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