The emergence of Tomb Raider

Toby Gard, the creator of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider was set at the age of 19 years at Core Design. He initially worked
on other games, but was already a big fan of films like Indiana Jones and played enthusiastically Ultima Underworld.
Sometime he came up with the idea to combine a game like Ultima Underworld with a polygon character, as it was shown
in Virtual Fighter. A mixture of these Elements should play a kind of interactive, real-time lead running off film, this idea
created the concept for Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider was one of the first, maybe the first game in whicha figure could be
moved freely in a 3D world.

Originally, the main character, as was customary in those days should be a man but Toby Gard had the opinion that a
female actor would stand out from the crowd of other games. He was convinced that a female character makes the game
Tomb Raider much more attractive and could convince his former boss Jeremy Heath-Smith. Toby Gard drew the first
sketches and reworked them over Months, then was Lara `s character, and her determined look. Lara probably owes
her impressive figure Toby Gard's tendency in the design of characters whose special features exceptional highlight.
Because is used by the exaggeration of special features, as they also draw from the cartoons, increases the recognition
value. In later interviews, alleged Toby Gard, Lara's bust at wouldhe slipped the pen, but this is probably seen as a joke,
in fact, Lara is the result of months of of hard work. In retrospect, however, he wants Toby Gard Lara `s not quite as lush
blouse filled.

Developer Toby Gard

Develops History of Tomb Raider (Excerpt from

She celebrated the premiere on the Sega Saturn with a four-week right of first refusal. Shortly afterwards, the first part was published for the PlayStation and DOS-/Windows-PCs. Meanwhile, there are also parts for Macintosh PCs (all except Legend), Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox and Xbox 360, and (independent) versions for Nintendo's Game Boy and Gamecube, Nokia's N-Gage as well as for PDAs Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 operating system. Eidos Interactive published the games and programmed by Core Design until 2003.
After unsatisfactory reviews for the sixth part of The Angel of Darkness commissioned Eidos Crystal Dynamics with the programming of other Tomb Raider games.Tomb Raider Legend, the seventh Part was published in April 2006 and should follow the older parts, to become successful again. Lara Croft has to confront in its 3D virtual world with a series of enemies and puzzles.

Well, not without justification, a part success of the game on the very sexy, exaggerated proportioned Lara Croft returned to the main person. Especially the first two versions enjoyed such a buyer, because at that time female characters rarely in other Games were used. Eager fans then tinkered even for every game the number of nude versions (Lara), who under the name "Nude Raider" was known and cared for even more popularity. A "recurrence" this effect was achieved in the latter part, because another software company was responsible for the graphics of the game .


Laras curriculum vitae

Name:                 Lara Croft
Nationality:        English
Born:                  Wimbledon, London
Marital status:   not married

3-11 years private lessons
11-16 years Wimbledon High
School for girls
16-21 years Swiss Finishing School

Größe:                170 cm
Haircolor:          brown
Eyecolor:           green

Hobbies: Archeology, photography,
Classical Music, Extreme Sports,
Cars and motorcycles.