Characteristics of the Webmaster

My Name: Volker Jung
Born on: 4 November 1964
My Areas of interest:
History of the BRD and Deutsches Reich
of course Tomb Raider and Lara Croft
Sciencefiction, Star Treck and Babylon 5, Stargate
connected with my profession, blast furnace and blast furnace technology
My profession: a trained mechanic, or whatever it because today
is an industrial mechanic, today I am for my company in the outdoor
service road worldwide.

London Aldwych 2007

The background image of this page is a typical blast furnace silhouette that has to do with my current job, my employer provides technical equipment for blast furnaces.

What I do not suffer:
Empty-word-speakers, pedants, moral crusader, chicken meat.

One of my favorite sayings:
The voluminous expansion of subterraren Aggrarproducts stands in anti-proportional relation to the intelligence quotient of the producer. In short, the stupidest farmer harvests the biggest potatoes!

Lara Croft & Tomb Raider

In 2000 I started to play Tomb Raider, I first noticed the demo for Tomb Raider 3 on a CD from a computer magazine in hand. Immediately I was excited about this game there is no shoot-nonsense, but combined action / puzzle game with some tension. Gradually, I was busy with all the content of the game and that's a lot, how easily the site can recognize their names and have I lifted on 30.07.2001 at his baptism, gave solutions for Tomb Raider, there's a lot on the World Wide Web, but it is not detailed, step-by-step solutions that are integrated screenshots. The hours Can take days, weeks and months I spent writing, and solution to creating this website I never count. But it was fun, once again go through the games to write the solutions and to create a web page. I think the solutions to many savegames, Tips & Info, Links and technical details on the PC version, is the site its name, give Lara unlimited.

@ Volker Jung 04/01/2005

Old Blast Furnace Plant
in my town around 1925.

Modern Blast Furnace in Mexico 1994.