Tomb Raider Anniversary (Tomb Raider 1 Remake)

@ 2006
Tomb Raider originally was evolved 10 years ago, Tomb Raider 1 came out in 1996, for this reason Eidos brings out Tomb Raider Anniversary, this game probably will be a remake of Tomb Raider 1, with modern graphics engine.

The adventure begins when Lara is commissioned by a powerful syndicate with the recovery of a mystical artifact named Scion. While Lara explores ancient tombs and isolated worlds, which nobody has entered for thousands of years, she realizes that she is not alone. In addition to the fearsome creatures that Lara has awakened accidentally, some of their opponents who are also trying to fathom the dark mystery of the Scion, are making a hard time to her.

Celebrate and commemorate ten years of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft - play Tomb Raider Anniversary, a brand new Tomb Raider adventure based on one of the greatest action adventure game of all time.

Source Eidos


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PC installation issue?

1.) In some cases, the installation is just before the end, 97-99% finished than hanging or freezing or the computer freezes (CPU utilization 100%). The following solution resulted in me to succeed in a small window showing the installation progress bar, click on the X to close the the window and clicking to answer the following context, "no" and the installation is completed.

2.) If this is not successful, copy the content of the CD / DVD to a folder on the Hard disk and run setup from there, ideally before disable the anti virus and firewall program, possibly at the end of the installation perform Step 1.

3.) If you still can reach no conclusion of the installation, perform step 1 and 2 in the safe mode.

You can get more technical hints at Stella

Walkthrough of
  Tomb Raider

from Stella

Croft Manor


1. Mountain Caves
2. City of Vilcabamba
3. The lost Valley
4. Tomb of Qualopec


5. St. Francis Folly
6. The Coliseum
7. Mida`s Palace
8. Tomb of Tihocan


9. Tempel of Khamoon
10. Obelisk of Khamoon
11. Sanctuary of the Scion

Lost Island

12. Natlas Mines
13. The Great Pyramid
14. Final Conflict


unlimited Blood, Medis, Air ect.