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Savegames Tomb Raider 4-6

After extracting, the savegames must be copied into the following directories:
Tomb Raider 1 = C:\Tombraid
Tomb Raider: 2-5 = C:\Program Files\Core Design\Tomb Raider.....
Tomb Raider 6 = C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD\Savegame
unless the folder has been changed during installation, then you must know the directory! The savegame packages contain detailed level lists, please read the information, and for Tomb Raider 1-5 of the storage point is always the end of the level For Tomb Raider 6 I have indicated the save point in the info file. At Tomb Raider 1-5 the numbers of the saved games start on 0, this corresponds to the first memory slot in the game, so every time +1 corresponds to the slot. An example: "savegame.7" corresponds memory slot 8, Tomb Raider 6 starts with 1-9, continues with A-C. If there are more save games than memory slots, I have divided into folders. The savegames behind difficult passages, or at points which are bug suspicious, I have basically named with "savegame.0" (or 1.TRAODSG for Tomb Raider 6). That means this savegames are shown in the first slot and are also to download in my walkthroughs. Ammunition and health packs are always more than enough there. The description of the savegames below means almost that the difficulty is already mastered!

All savegames are for PC Windows platform!

 Tomb Raider 4-The last Revelation

Tomb Raider 4
Tomb of Semerkhet
Tomb of Semerkhet
Guardian of Semerkhet
Dessert Railroad
Coastal Ruins
Lost Library
Lost Library
Chambers of Tulun
Underneath the Spinx
Savegame package, 35 savegames 62.7 KB
Senet game won 1.49 KB
Lost Senet game 1.52 KB
Running to the closing door behind the wheel 1.54 KB
Beginning of the level, if game crashes after the last movie 1.46 KB
Beginning of the levels if game crashes after the last level 1.49 KB
Shooting range finished 1.59 KB
Jump over the two ropes handled 1.64 KB
Rider defeated 1.66 KB
Lara standing in the lions mouth head 1.77 KB
Taurus man suspended 2.41 KB
Bulls locked 2.26 KB

  Hint: The savegames for Tomb Raider 4 can only be used, if you have installed the official patch V1.1,
  otherwise the savegame don`t load, or the game crashes to the desktop, patch download here !

Tomb Raider 5-Chronicles

Tomb Raider 5
Trajans Markets
The Colosseum
The Base
Deepsea Dive
Old Mill
Old Mill
13th Floor
Escape with the Iris
Red Alert!
Red Alert!
Red Alert!
Savegame package, 13 savegames 13.1 KB
Floating head defeated 0.7 KB
Run to the podium with second piece of gem 0.7 KB
Crane operator defeated 0.7 KB
Diving suit torn, just before re-entering the submarine 0.8 KB
Platform in front of the grid, crowbars 0.9 KB
Behind the closing door in the windmill 1 KB
Time race in the room of the iris, Iris added 1.36 KB
After the jump bar combination in waste incineration 1.3 KB
Shooting-Puzzle solved in order to get the second secret 1.25 KB
Checkpoint in response to the second cyborg imprison 1.34 KB
Second Cyborg locked 1.37 KB

 Tomb Raider 6-The Angel of Darkness

Tomb Raider VI
Louvre storm drains
Louvre Galleries
Archaeological Dig
Breath of Hades
Wrath of the Beast
Hall of Seasons
Max Containment Area
The Vault of Trophies
Boaz Returns
The Lost Domain
Eckhardt's Lab
Savegame package, 36 savegames, 984 KB
Beginning of the level, speed combination in Rennes `s pawn shop handled 25.1 KB
Speed combination to showcase the image of the Mona Lisa handled 34.9 KB
Speed combination in the hall with the spike and arrow traps handled 29.6 KB
Spike trap handled under water 30.4 KB
Three knights eliminated with fire swords 26.1 KB
Blue flame and the picture get hold 37.6 KB
End opposite defeated 30.7 KB
The two knights defeated 34 KB
Boaz defeated 18.8 KB
Time-switched gate handled 23.6 KB
Savegame with enough health packs for the final battle 26.2 KB

  Hint: To use the savegames for Tomb Raider 6, the patch V52 must be installed, otherwise the game
  crashes during loading to the desktop, you get the download here.

  Hint: For savegames from Tomb Raider 7-Legend, please look at Stella or tombraiderchronicles


Tomb Raider 1
Unfinished Business
Tomb Raider 2
The golden Mask of Tornarsuk
Tomb Raider 3
The lost Artefact
Tomb Raider 4-The last Revelation
Tomb Raider 5-Chronicles
Tomb Raider 6-AOD


Tomb Raider 1 & Unfinished Business
Tomb Raider 2 &
The golden Mask of Tornarsuk

Tomb Raider 3 & The lost Artefact
Tomb Raider 4 & The Times Level
Tomb Raider 5-Chronicles
Tomb Raider 6-AOD
Tomb Raider 7-Legend
Tomb Raider 8-Underworld


Download Director Cuts

Unfinished Business Exe 5,7 MB
Unfinished Business Zip 5,7 MB
The golden Mask Exe 16,7 MB
The golden Mask Zip 16,7 MB

Hint: The Tomb Raider 1/2 CD
is required.The installer only works on 32 bit, zip file on 32 & 64 bit.

Download The Times Level

Installer The Times Level 33 MB
(only 32 bit OS)

The Times Level Zip 33 MB
(32 & 64 bit OS)

Download Leveleditor


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