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What is Glidos?

Tomb Raider 1 was released in 1996, at the time when the first true Windows (Windos 3.1) had only just come out, and consequently the game was programmed under Dos (Disk Operating System). Also at that time, the first 3D graphics cards had just appeared on the market, but were driven in a way quite different from the modern Direct X and OpenGL.
In short, Tomb Raider 1 does not directly support modern 3D graphics cards, other than in software mode, whereupon the graphics - from today's point of view - seems very rough and pixeled. Patches were brought out for the first 3 D Graphics Cards 3dfx Voodoo, Matrox, etc., to produce better graphics, but each patch worked only for the particular card, and no patches were released for these card's successors. Glidos was built around the turn of the millennium and is an upstream program that allows Tomb Raider 1 to work with modern cards. Glidos simulates a Voodoo graphics card so that the game can run just as it would if a real Voodoo card were present, with the resulting higher-quality graphics piped through Direct X to the real card. In time came additional features such as eg. Win XP and Vista support, Mp 3 background sounds, textures packs, etc. The programmer is Paul Gardiner. has supported the development of Glidos from the beginning, helping eradicate early bugs and supplying a german translation of both the Glidos program's meny system and of the main Glidos website.


Please read also the instructions on the Glidos Website

First, Tomb Raider 1 should be installed on your hard drive at C:\Tombraid the, Voodoo patch (this is a modified boot file / executable), must be copied into these folder . During the game installation, there are some settings needed, specially the sound card need to be set up. Very often this won`t work because of the old soundcard types , usually you can use the following setting: Soundblaster or Sound Blaster Pro, Paul Gardiner recommends Sound Blaster 16/AWE 32 but it didn`t work on my system, Port 220, DMA 1, IRQ 5 oder 7. If the sound don`t work at all, or you have no backgroundsounds, you can use the VDM sounddriver, the downloadlink you can see in my in downloadsection. Now you can install Glidos in a any folder, afterwards Glidos can be started and from Glidos the game will be stated, Tomb Raider 1 CD must be inserted in the drive. Very often the installation of Tomb Raider 1 is not possible, because this happens under Dos (cmd), or the soundsetup freezes frequently, I offer a complete Tombraid folder on this site or in my Download Section as a zip-folder. This folder need to be unpacked to C:\ drive, also you can get the Windows Installer for Tomb Raider 1 und UB over there. Also the Voodoo Patch will be available in the download section as a download. The description for installation will be also usable for Unfinished Business.

Note: Under Windows Vista / 7 use only the Windows Installer or use my zip file so that Tomb Raider is already configured for Glidos.

The spinning Glidoslogo

In the third level of Tomb Raider 1 a spinning Glidos Logo is displayed, to get it out it costs 10 US Dollar, thats around 7,60 Euro, to pay via Pay Pal on the Glidos Site. Glidos created a so-called Glidos ID (Button), if you have paid Glidos, you get an account to generate on the "Unlock Site" a key. So copy the Glidos ID to the clipboard, paste on the unlock page to gernerate the keys, copy the key (there are 4 "keys") into clipboard and insert it in the program, the program has this corresponding buttons. Exit Glidos completely and start again! Who has not a Pay Pal account can send a e-mail to me, then I can arrange the payment.

Payment for mediation

Tomb Raider 1 and Glidos on 64bit Operating systems

Glidos offers a special version of the DosBox, with this DosBox you can run Glidos and Tomb Raider 1 on Windows XP/Vista/7 64 bit. In the Glidos programm you can select under "settings-Dos" the DosBox. The downloadlink of the Dos Box you can see on the left side of this page.
Virtual Box on the other hand offers recently a 3D graphics driver, Glidos operates together with this driver. Virtual Box emulates a virtual PC, after the installation of the programm, it is possible to install a operating of your choice, of course it should be a 32bit sytem, I choosed Windows XP. Important, after all installations you must activate the so-called "guest extensions" to work with the 3D graphics driver. This must happen in the "safe mode"! Well, start the virtual PC press the F8 key untill you get the selection menu and than start your operating system in safe mode. Under "equipment" you find the "install guest extensions". All the rest will work with the standart settings of the Virtual Box, if you have any problems please write a message in my Forum, of course you should have a bit computer knowledge for the Virtual Box.

Glidos Audio/FMV, the long-running issue, no background sounds?!

Glidos offers the opportunity with its audio pack to regenerate the complete package of the original background sounds of the Playstation version.
For the audio pack the pre-configured folder of Glidos website is mandatory! Download

The playstation version has moreover movies with a better quality, Glidos offers now a FMV Pack with all this movies, starting with Glidos Version 1_49. Download look left, for the FMV Pack moreover the Windows Essentials Codec Pack will be needed to play this movies.

Here you can get the Infos & Downloads .

support forums

Did you start to experience problems during installation, or the program?

Forum on

Forum on Vogons (Englisch).
Here you can talk directly to the programmer, however.

Installation steps in short:

1.) Install Tomb Raider 1, or Unfinished
Business. On Windows Vista / 7,
generally use the Windows Installer
or my Zip file .

2.) Sound setup for manual
CD installation:
Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro or
Sound Blaster 16/AWE32, Port 220, DMA 1, IRQ 5 oder 7.

3.) CD installation is not possible
because the sound setup constantly
freezes, or does not start, then
use the Windows Installer or my
zip file which is ready for using.

4.) Install Glidos

5.) Install the patch, that means
change the Tomb.exe against Tomb.exe Voodoo revision, the exchange for UB is
the 3DFX version. (Not necessary by
using the Windows installer or my zip file)

6.) No sounds or music, use VDM
Driver, or better the Glidos audio pack.

Informations about Glide Wrapper



Glidos Version 1_53b

Installer or zip file, three languages, english, german and frensh.

DosBox for Glidos

With the DosBox you can run Tomb Raider on 64bit OS.

Voodoo & 3DFX Patch

New EXE file for Tomb Raider 1 or Unfinished Business

VDM Sounddriver

For Windows 2000/XP.

VDM Sounddriver

For Windows 98/ME.

Glidos Audio/FMV.

The Glidos Audio & FMV Pack, the restoration of all sounds & movies in a better quality.

Windows Essentials Codec Pack

Is required for the FMV pack to play the movies.

TR 1 Installer

Windows Installer for Tomb Raider 1,
configured for Glidos.


Pre configured file "Tombraid" with the
corresponding Patches (also Glidos
Audio) for TR 1 and UB and configured

Download Virtual Box

Through a virtual machine Tomb Raider
can be played on 64bit systems

Virtual Box Website

Overview of some Glidewrapper

These are usually cost free, but
not to handle as comfortable as Glidos.