Indiana Jones and the Emperor`s Tomb          

In the first game section Ceylon, Indy searches for an artifact, at first it has nothing to do with the real story. But when he has found the good piece, immediately his constant opponent, the Nazis express their interest in the artifact At first, Indy can escape from Beck and his assistants, but during the game they still creating him bad. After his return to his home university in the United States two Chinese gets in touch with him, as well the lovely Mei Ying, she becomes in the course of the game even more important. They also explain to Indy, that his discovery is a part of the key to the legendary dragon heart, this heart in the form of a Black Pearl will give its owner power over the will of others, now is clear why the Nazis are also searching for this artefact. Of course, Indy goes in search of the heart of the dragon and finds it at the end.

Weapons: Revolver, Mauser, Shotgun, MP-40, crossbow, harpoon, bazooka, his
famous whip and everything was so standing around.
Action centers: Ceylon, Prague, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Peng Lai Lagoon, Peng Lai Mountain,
Fortress of the Black Dragon, Temple of Kong Tien, The Emperor's Tomb, The Netherworld.

Tipps and Infos (Emperor`s Tomb):

The gameplay, graphics and background music are excellent in my opinion, the PC system should not be too low on the chest. The controls are very getting used to, especially for die-hard Tomb Raiderer, depending on whether you play, via keyboard or gamepad (joystick), I recommend an individual adjustment of each function because the given setting appears quite cumbersome. Serious errors (bugs) are not my announced to me, the official patch 1.1 you can download on the left side (13 MB). A manual making of savegames is unfortunately not possible, it will be automatically done after each game section, a savepoint is created, what makes frustration if Indy looses his life before the end of a section, depending on the difficulty you have to replay several times, maybe the whole section over again. I used therefore at some point the first cheat code, the opponents are for my taste sometimes too many, what the game
gives a sometime brutal character.

PC-System requirement: Pentium III 733 MGZ, 128 MB Ram, 32 MB 3D Graficscard according
the manufacturer, but better seems 1 GHZ, 256 MB Ram and a 64 MB 3D Graficscard.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

The Infernal Machine on modern Operating Systems Win XP/Vista/7 x86 and 64bit

A guide to play the Infernal Machine on 64-bit you can get here.    


Infernal Machine
Emperor`s Tomb

Cheats PC
(Emperor`s Tomb):

That`s a bit tricky, go to the the main folder subdirectory / GameData / indy , go to file "default.cfg" open this file with the editor, here you can enter the following codes.

Cheats:1 unlimited life and ammunition
Cheats:2 you get a bazooka
Cheats:3 unlimited life and a bazooka
Cheats:4 all weapons and ammunition (one use)
Cheats:5 all weapons and ammunition (one use), immortal

(Emperor`s Tomb):

Patch 1.1
No-CD Patch
Cheats PC