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  Website provide you in the main walkthroughs for Tomb Raider 1-8 & Anniversary . In addition, technical support for the PC versions, you get medias such as sounds and lots of screenshots. And cheat codes, trainers, saved games up to TR 6, many small helpers (programs, tools), help for the level editor. Here you get support, to make the old Tomb Raider Parts 1-6 on Win 32 and 64bit XP/Vista/7 playable. is optimized for screen resolutions of 1024X768 up to 1360x768. I have tested the page with Internet Explorer 9 & 8, Firefox, Opera and Safari and could not see any Display errors. I do not use sexist, obscene, malicious, and no Flash animations. The so-called "tracking graph" is used to record the statistics and gives me an insight with which technology (browsers, resolution, OS, ect.) will be accessed to optimize the site accordingly, these data will not be used for any other purpose! is classified by site testers as confirmed by Safer Site .

The screenshots in my walkthroughs give a clue to place of the level, it is not necessary to read always the entire page. Places of health packs, weapons or ammunition are rarely mentioned, here is your own instinct prompted. But locations of keys, equipment and other articles, secrets, and almost all opponents are always included. The walkthrough of the levels are available individually online. The complete walkthrough of all levels for TR 1-6, I offer as an Acrobat Reader file (PDF) that can be saved on your own computer. These files, after you opened it, can be saved ("File" - save "Save As") in any directory.

  General Technical Informations for the PC-Versions

The older parts of Tomb Raider 1-6, can be played all on today's operating systems Win XP/Vista/7 32 & 64bit. It ranges often, to assign to the "exe" file a compatibility mode. For this, go into the main folder of the game, right click on the exe (executable file), choose from the context menu "Properties" and select the tab below "Compatibility". Several choices for trying to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" usually it does Win XP SP3.

If it still does not work, for example Tomb Raider 2 has on Win Vista/7 no sound any more, Tombraiderchronicles offers a patch, please corresponding to Pachtes. For Tomb Raider 1, there is the convenient solution Glidos to use. This program also offers better graphics and animations, sounds a lot more (The Playstation version was there better equipped). Stella still offers a few tips and tricks more.

The screenshots you can make on the PC by pressing the key "─" (TR 3-5) or by pressing the key "S" for TR 2. The images are in the root directory, usually the folder C:\Program Files\Core Design\Tomb Raider ... , filed in TGA format. For Tomb Raider 1 & 6 you must copy to the clipboard ("print" key"). Tom Raider 6 puts the images into the directory C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD\ScreenShots. For TR 1 you must use an image viewer or graphics program to insert pictures.


Savegames scores I offer as a package exclusively on my download page, or individual save games in difficult places on my download page and in the walkthroughs. The savegames are basically as zip files to download, after extracting, the savegames must be copied into the following directories:
Tomb Raider 1 = C:\Tombraid
Tomb Raider: 2-5 = C:\Program Files\Core Design\Tomb Raider.....
Tomb Raider 6 = C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD\Savegame
unless the folder has been changed during installation, then you must know the directory! The savegame packages contain detailed level lists, please read the information, and for Tomb Raider 1-5 of the storage point is always the end of the level For Tomb Raider 6 I have indicated the save point in the info file. At Tomb Raider 1-5 the numbers of the saved games start on 0, this corresponds to the first memory slot in the game, so every time +1 corresponds to the slot. An example: "savegame.7" corresponds memory slot 8, Tomb Raider 6 starts with 1-9, continues with A-C. If there are more save games than memory slots, I have divided into folders. The savegames behind difficult passages, or at points which are bug suspicious, I have basically named with "savegame.0" (or 1.TRAODSG for Tomb Raider 6). That means this savegames are shown in the first slot and are also to download in my walkthroughs. Ammunition and health packs are always more than enough there.

A savegame editor is a small program that allows to set any health packs or ammunition and weapons in the save games. Two editors are known to me, the Tomb-Edit works up to Tomb Raider 3, an English editor works with all Tomb Raider games 1-5.
The download pages are scown on my links page

  Director Cuts

The director cuts or called gold level, are extra level for Tomb Raider 1-3, they were released about 1 year after the main game. These levels were probably meant to be played originally in the main game (TR 1-3), but were cut out (cut). The level number increased from 4 to 5 to 6, the DC `s for TR 1 and 2 you can download in my Download Area they are also included in the double CD set of the premier collections. Available for Tomb Raider 3 is the director's cut only in the Premier Collection and must be purchased. You get the game today atE-Bay. The director cuts have a proper name such as "Unfinished Business" (TR1), "The Golden Mask of Tornarsuk" (TR2) and "The Lost Artefact" (TR3).

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