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Together with Tomb Raider 5 PC CD-Rom the official level editor was released, what was previously possible for a small group with an unofficial editor (more on that later), is now opened to a wide audiences around the world, almost level building unlimited, really "Lara unlimited". How many user created level are currently of disposal I cannot say, but it's certainly in the thousands. On this page I want to give a guide to make this level playable, even I have never operated as a level builder and I cannot provide any support. See below for a list of links with web pages that deal with this matter, please so contact in terms of level building on those pages too.

Downloaded levels making playable :

The downloaded levels are usually zipped in two variants offered, either there is a package which includes 9 files, or one file with the extension ". Tr4 ". The package has a small data volume and must be processed with the level converter. Unpack the zip file:

1.) File package: The files (usually in a folder "wad" included) with the endings. CD. Lar. Raw. Sfx. SWD. TOM. WAD. .WAS, one file has no special ending, copy into the subfolder of the level editor /graphics/wads . If existing files are overwrited , I recommend a backup of these files before, usually the levelbuilder have given different names to the existing files of the demo level from the level editor. Go over "Start"-"Programs" to level editor, under "Tools" start the level converter, under "Edit Script" click on "Add" in the subwindow search the corresponding file with the ending . TOM , which has been copied previously to the level editor subdir /graphics/wads and click double on this file. Now click on the button "Build All" at the right corner below, next to the Button "Clear Output" should start a loading bar and in the field about actions should be displayed the output. Sometimes this is not the case, but do not panic, just wait about 1min then the action should still usually be completed. In the subfolder "data" of the level editor should now exist a new file with the extension . tr4 .

2.) One file: Located mostly in the subfolder "data" of the unzipped file has the ending . tr4 and needs to be copied same subfolder of the level editor.
Has the newly created or copied . Tr4 file a different name as the existing . tr4 files of the demo level, once could simply renamed the new file in tut1.tr4 (existing file backuped), tut1 is the tutorial level. Thus, the level can be started with the existing file "script" now over "Start- Programs". The level builders generally provide even some accessories, so a file "script" will be supplied which needs simply to be copied in the root directory of the level editor (save existing file), so the renaming of the . tr4 file is not necessary! An english level builder supplies usually also a file "English" , this should also be copied in the subdirectory root directory. A possibly-supplied file "uklogo.pak" has to be copied "data" , included audio files have to be copied in subfolder "audio" (save existing files). Often level builder make the effort to create an EXE file that will make all the work in this case the level editor must be located in default directory C: \ Program Files \ Core Design .......!

The inofficial Leveleditor:

Before the official level editor was released, Tomb Raider fans have built levels which ran specially for the Games TR 1-3. There are two ways to make the level playable, one on the demo or the full game, download of the level at Quad, or the Levelbase .

Making playable:

1.) You get infos here.

2.) Each game, TR 1.2 or 3 should be copied fully from the CD into any folder to the hard drive, please remember to copy hidden files. Tomb Raider 3 has sometimes so called dummy files with the extension AFP, these files do not to copy. On my download page you get the so called
No-CD patches after downloading you have to unpack this zip file, after that you should copy the modified exe file to the folder where you have the game fully installed . This was necessary, to start the game afterwards from your hard drive, the CD is no longer needed. The downloaded levels should named for TR 1 Level1.PHD, for TR 2 WALL.TR2, for TR 3 JUNGLE.TR2, if it is not the case, they would need to be renamed, then copy the level into the sub directory DATA of the fully installed game and with the No-CD Patch you can start the game, go to "New Game" and you are in the new level. If the level builder has supplied a file Tombpc , this file can be copied into the DATA folder (existing file backuped), in this case the renaming of the the downloaded Level is not necessary and you can select the level in the menu (passport).



Patch for the Level Editor

short charging time on Windows XP.


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Leveleditor Tools,

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The Level Builder

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Levels to download (for the official & inofficial Editor), Tools & every amount of additions (textures, outfits ect.) for level building.

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