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   Official Websites

Eidos Forum
Tomb Raider
Official Tomb Raider Blog
Tomb Raider on Facebook
Tomb Raider on Youtube
Tomb Raider on Twitter
Core Design
Chrystal Dynamics
Tomb Raider-Movie

The Editor
Forum for all kinds of questions.
The official home page for the game.
Official Tomb Raider Blog.
Tomb Raider on Facebook.
Tomb Raider on Youtube.
Tomb Raider on Twitter.
The developer company for Tomb Raider 1-6.
The developer company from seventh Tomb Raider
A website of Paramount Pictures.

German Websites

Scary Girl
Levelbase Tribune
Tomb Raider Meeting
Tomb Raider Game
Tomb Raider Insider

A very comprehensive site with walk throughs and much more.
German-English site around Lara.
German site about Tomb Raider.
German edition.
Very comprehensive site with pictures, videos, solutions, etc.
German site about Tomb Raider.
Info page about Tomb Raider.
Graphical solution for all Tombraiderfolgen.
German site about Tomb Raider.
Information around the Tomb Raider meeting.
German site about Tomb Raider.
German site about Tomb Raider.

   English Websites

Stella`s Seite
The Croft Times
Katie`s Seite
Dracman`s Seite
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Mac Raider
Tomb Raiders Traveler`s Guide

Good comprehensive site, with its own solutions.
A site with many things, covet what Lara fan heart.
Screenshots, images and much more.
Technical assistance for Tomb Raider series.
Extensive site about Tomb Raider.
Tomb Raider on the Macintosh.
Walk throughs and much more.
Website of the publisher of Tomb Raider Mac version

Other Websites

      Quads Seite
  Game Radio
  Uni Düsseldorf
  Mogel Power
  French site with a self-made level for Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3 and 4
  Page of Paul Gardiner, a program for Tomb Raider 1 and 3D graphics cards.
  Tarantulas page for breeding and Paintball
  Information about new and older games of all consoles.
  Lara cult times scientifically.
  Utilities for the PC.
  Cheats for many games and consoles.
  Page for classic PC games ..



Savegame Editor

Savegame editor for Tomb Raider 1-5,
comfortable savegame management in
a window download at Stella.

Mouse Raider 1.0

Play Tomb Raider 1-5
with mouse support.

Leveleditor Utils

English site with little helpers,
Tools and much more for the official
and unofficial level editor.

Patches & Tools

Useful and unuseful things for
Tomb Raider ..

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