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Lara's handstand Tomb Raider 1-5

It's possible! Find an edge, where Lara is long hanging, so no ladder or climbing wall, hanging on the edge and press the key combination action key ( already been pressed), press the key "go" and the key running "forward"

Lara `s role Tomb Raider 1-5

The role, get a running start, key combination "forward run (already pressed), action button, press go and jump-key "and Lara performs a forward roll.

Lara`s Plunge

Place to the water's edge or shore, Press the "Go" + jump + forward key" Lara makes a dive into the water.

The red Carpet-Corner Bug

Go outside to the exercise grounds behind the house, climb up the cable car tower. Put Lara in position such a way as to see in the picture, just press the jump button, Lara has to jump 2 or 3 times and she lands on an invisible platform.
If Lara then turns around, she sees a red carpet, over this carpet she can reach the roof of House! For more information on the red carpet, look here.
Little Diashow with 21 screenshots, length 105 sek., with three well-known sounds highlighted. Takes a while before it has loaded, file size 1.6 MB, in full screen mode it is looking however, very horrible!

Dia Schau

Ladder-turning jump

If Lara has to climb a ladder and afterwards to jump to a ladder on their backs, then you need just to press the jump button and the button for running forward. Lara turns on automatically in the Air at 180 , the action button is held down, to grab the other ladder.
An example of TR 3, Lud's Gate, Lara jumps up from the ladder and as you see at the left of she has already turned to the second ladder you can see the second ladder which she has to grab.

Rope to rope jump

An extreme example from Tomb Raider 4 "The catacombs", this must be the next rope, how to to see the picture, a good bit to the right of Lara's head is, as the view of the room here is very deceptive. Otherwise Lara evenly, so that the next rope is very close to the right of Lara's head is, or even congruent. Only jump when Lara's legs while swinging are at the top.


Lara`s Role

Lara`s plunge

The red carpet


Ladder turning jump

Rope to rope jump

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