Tomb Raider 1-The hunt for the Scion Artefact

Lara searches for Jacqueline Natla, the President of Natla Technologies,
in a Peruvian tomb of a mysterious artefact. When Lara finds it,
they recognize that this artefact is part of a far more powerful Artefacts from
Atlantis, the fabled Scion.

Acting places: Peru, Egypt, The Kingdom, Atlantis
Weapons: pistols, shotguns, Magnums and Uzis

To find different number of secrets in the level, but have no influence on the game.
Secrets are indicated by a tone.

Cheats PC:

All weapons: Step forward, Step backward, three times turning, jump backward.
Leveljump: Step forward, step backward, three times turning, jump forward.

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Tipps and Infos:

Very often the automatic setup is not working for the sound card, in this case the sound card need to be configured manually. In most cases fits this following setting: Select one of the three types of Sound Blaster, Port 220, DMA 1, IRQ 7 or 5, if this is not working, you get here a so-called VDM driver. Tomb Raider 1 was still Dos-based programmed, does not support Direct X Windows interface. Thus, the 3D graphics card is not used. The graphics appears with big pixels for certain very old 3D graphics cards, you can get patches in my download area. Further technical information and FAQ `S is on Stella`s site.

Tomb Raider 1 on modern Operating Systems Win XP/Vista/7 x86 and 64bit

Glidos is a small program that supports modern graphics cards, usually Nvidia chipsets. After installing Glidos, this program must be started and out of Glidos Tomb Raider 1 or Unfinished Business can be started. Glidos also requires the 3dfx patch, download, and more Instructions there are here . Supports Win XP/Vista/7. The good quality of the screenshots is due Glidos, more tips for installing Glidos and installation help for Tomb Raider 1 you get also here on With DosBox for Glidos, TR 1 can be played also on 64 bit systems.


Tomb Raider background-musik


Tomb Raider I-Director`s Cut-The Unfinished Business

The Unfinished Business is a stand-alone Game with 4 levels, the game is in the Director's Cut Version (Premier Collection) included. The level can also be downloaded (see right).

      Unfinshed Business

   Installer (only 32 bit OS)

   Zip File (32 & 64 bit OS)

Walkthrough of
Tomb Raider 1

from Stella


1. Caves
2. City of Vilcabamba
3. The Valley
4. Tomb of Qualopec

The Kingdom

5. St. Francis Folly
6. Coloseum
7. Palace Midas
8. The Cistern
9. Tomb of Tihocan


10. City of Khamoon
11. Obelisk of Khamoon
12. Sanctuary of the Scion


13. Natla's Mines
14. Atlantis
15. The great Pyramid

Unfinished Business

1. Return to Egypt
2. Temple of the Cat
3. Atlantean Stronghold
4. The Hive