Tomb Raider 2-The quest for the Dagger of Xian

Lara searches the Dagger of Xian, which will give its possessor the power of a dragon,
the sect of Marco Bartoli tried with all methods to find the dagger before Lara.

Various scenes of action, such as China, Venice, Tibeth, a sunken ship, etc.
Vehicles: motor boat, jet ski.

Weapons: pistols, shotguns, automatic, Uzi, M16, grenade launchers, harpoon.
Lara has the guns from the beginning, the rest she can find by and by.
Each level there are three secrets in the form of three dragons.
The secrets have there no influence on the game, and there is no bonus level.

Cheats PC:

All weapons: light a flare, one step forward, one step backward and turn three times, jump back.
Level Jump: light a flare, one step forward, one step backward and turn three times, jump forward.


All weapons and items: keep going key is pressed, one step to the left side,then to the right, left again and
then one step back and front. Release the button and go Lara three times in circle. Then jump backwards in
the air and press the Scroll Lock key.
Lara explode: keep going key. Step side left, right, left. One step forward and one back. Go button while Lara
turning circle three times and then jump forward and the air, the Scroll Lock button.
Level skip: keep going key. Step side left, right, left. A step back, one forward. Go-Button. Lara three times
in circles and jump forward and in the Air press the Scroll Lock key.

Tipps and Infos:

Under Windows 2000/XP, the game crashes when loading the second or third level frequently to
the desktop (error message: Fatal Error ..... requires a new Tomb.Exe ...), with, setting the
compatibility mode (look here ) should be based on the WIN 98/ME,the problem should be solved,
otherwise use the WIN 2000/XP patch, or the NO-CD patch, have a look under "Downloads", because
this error has to do with a CD-Rom problem. Get more info on Stella`s Site !

Tomb Raider 2 on modern operating systems Win XP/Vista/7 x86 and 64bit

On new systems Win XP/Vista/7 , the files EC130.dll, EDEC.dll, winplay.dll winsdec.dll and winstr.dll
should be copied into the folder C: \ Windows \ System32, funny enough, these files are only on the
TR 3 CD, Download here. Even it happens unfortunately, after the setting up values of the Music and
Sound FX Volume Volume, are not written correctly on 64bit systems into the registry , in this case
you do not hear background music, or anything in general. The correct registry entries you can
download here . Unzip, double-click the extracted file and confirm the following dialogue.

Get the Tomb Raider Multi Patch for Win XP/Vista/7 here at tombraiderchronicles.


Tomb Raider 2 Background Music


Tomb Raider 2-Director`s Cut-The golden Mask of Tornarsuk

The Golden Mask is an independent game with 5 Level, the game is in the Director's Cut version (Premier Collection) included. The Level can be downloaded (see below), while playing the download the version the Tomb Raider 2 CD must be inserted in the CD drive. The difference to Tomb Raider II main game is as follows: 1) 3 secrets in each level they are in the form of gold coins, Gold bullion and gold skulls. 2) When you find all the secrets in the first four levels, there is a fifth bonus level. The cheats and weapons are the same as in TR 2 main game.

A little trick to bonus level:
If you play "The Golden Mask" with the download version, you can rename in the folder
"Data" of the game the file "level5.tr2" into "level1.tr2".
The bonus level starts at first in the game, if someone should not have found all secrets.

The golden Mask

Installer (only 32 bit OS)

Zip File (32 & 64 bit OS)

Walkthrough of
Tomb Raider 2

from Stella


1. The Great Wall


2. Venice
3. Bartoli's Hideout
4. Opera House

The Sea

5. Offshore Rig
6. Diving Area
7. 40 Fathoms
8. Wreck of the Maria Doria
9. Living Quarters
10. The Deck


11. Tibetan Foothills
12. Barkhang Monastary
13. Catacombs of the Talion
14. Ice Palace


15. Temple of Xian
16. Floating Islands
17. The Dragon's Lair


18. Home Sweet Home
Trainingslevel Laras House

Walkthrough The golden
Mask of Tornarsuk

1. Cold War
2. Fools Gold
3. Furnace of Goods
4. Kingdom
5. Bonuslevel-Nightmare in Vegas