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Tomb Raider 3-The search for the four artefacts

Lara searches for the mysterious Infada stone, in the jungles of India she meet the
scientist Dr. Willard and knows from him that this is one stone of the four artefacts
which many years ago, carved from a meteorite. The search for the remaining artefacts
leads her to different continents, after Lara has found all the artefacts, everything fits
together in the Antarctic.

Action places: around the world, India, South Seas, London, Nevada and the Antarctic.
Weapons: pistols, rifles, Desert Eagle, Uzi, MP5, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and harpoons.
Vehicles: quad bike, canoeing, underwater vehicle, boat, mining wagon.

Secrets are indicated by a tone, the green crystals will give 100% blood in the PC version,
in the Playstation version, they are save points. Secrets in varying numbers in the level, if
you find all the secrets you get the bonus level, "All Hallows".

Cheats PC:

Level Jump: pull pistols, one step back, one step forward, duck, stand up,
turning three times, and a jump forward.
All weapons: pull pistols, one step back, one step forward, duck, stand up,
turning three times and a jump back.

Go to the Playstationcheats

Tipps and Infos:

In some manuals for the PC version of the descent of the quad bike is indicated wrong, there are
Press "End" and "arrow right". The sections of the South Seas, Nevada and London can be played
like you want (world menu), if you want to use my saved games, you should definitely check on
my order (South Pacific, Nevada, London). Otherwise you will have a section repeat whom you
ever played. The blood of the enemies is not red, because the Eidos wanted to achieve release
of the game from 12 years, there is a patch for this. (Link in my Download Area) sound problems
and closed doors that do not open completely, or open Doors that can not be passed are to resolve
with the official patch. (The link under downloads). The patch is unfortunately only for the PC
version, PSX players go there empty-handed.From the third part of Tomb Raider is unfortunately
burdened with massive bugs. I definitely recommend to complete the training level "Lara's house"
in order to train the possible moves in the game because there are some difficult movement
sequences in the game. Tips for training level are below my retrieve walkthrough.
More Infos you can get at Stella!

Tomb Raider 3 on modern Operating systems Win XP/Vista/7 x86 and 64bit

Get the Tomb Raider Multipatch for Win XP/Vista/7 here at tombraiderchronicles.
Note: To make it easier for me writing this walkthrough I used the cheats, on some screenshots of german walkthrough, weapons are seen which really does not exist in the storyline. The weapons localitys are listed in the walkthrough so that non-cheat-user can use this walkthrough for finding the weapons.


Tomb Raider 3
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Tomb Raider 3-Director`s Cut-The lost Artefact

The lost Artefact is a stand-alone game and the TR 3 Premier Collection contains it as a seperate CD. Weapons, cheats ect. are the same like in Tomb Raider 3. It is not possible to download this levels, you can buy the Cd (Tomb Raider 3 Premier Collection) for example at bei Amazon, or bid at Ebay.

Walkthrough of
Tomb Raider 3

from Stella


1. Jungle
2. Temple Ruins
3. River Ganges
4. Cave of Kaliya

South Pacific

5. Coastal Village
6. Crash Site
7. Madubu Gorge
8. Temple of Puna


9. Nevada Desert
10. High Security Compound
11. Area 51


12. Thames Wharf
13. Aldwych
14. Lud`s Gate
15. City


16. Antarctica
17. RX-Techs Mines
18. Lost City of Tinnos
19. Meteorite Cavern

Bonuslevel All Hallows
Trainingslevel Laras House


     The lost Artefact

1. Highland Fling
2. Willard`s Lair
3. Shakespeare Cliff
4. Sleeping with the Fishes
5. It's a Madhouse!
6. Reunion