Tomb Raider 4-The last Revelation-The Egyptian god of vengeance Set

Lara accidentally discharges in search of an amulet the egyptian god of revenge set in freedom. A breathtaking race happens to preserve humanity from extinction. The setting is only Egypt, with scenes such as roads, towns, canyons and ruins.

Weapons: Pistol, Uzi, revolver, rifle, grenade launcher and crossbow.

In the dropdown menus, various articles can be combined. As in every episode there are new moves, and there are two Trainigslevel. Secrets in different numbers in the level, but they have no influence on the game.

Cheats PC:

Leveljump: Precisely aligned to the north, in the selection menu to go
load and press the H.E.L.P. keys.
All weapons: Precisely aligned to the north, in the selection menu
go to small Medi Pack and press the keys G.U.N.S. .

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Tipps and Infos:

To align Lara precisely to the north, the best will be to pull up on a block. The compass needle becomes then transparent. The exit from the jepp is incorrectly specified in the manual, these are the keys "ALT and ARROW LEFT"! Between the level "Guardian of Semerkhet"-"Desert Railroad"-"ALexandria" the game crashes on some systems off, or gets stuck. Remedy brings the video patch (see download area), or if this does not help, I offer the savegames at the beginning of the level " Desert Railroad" and "Alexandria" in my walkthrough or Downloads area. The savegames are working only together with the official patch, which I offer also in my download area.
More Infos you can get at Stella!

Tomb Raider 4-The last Revelation on modern operating systems Win XP/Vista/7 x86 and 64bit

Get the Tomb Raider Multipatch for Win XP/Vista/7 here at tombraiderchronicles.


Tomb Raider 4
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The Times Exclusive Level

Download The Times Level 33MB. (Installer only 32 bit OS)

Download The Times Level 33 MB (Zip 32 & 64 bit OS)

The Times Exclusive level was ordered in the year 2000 by the famous British newspaper, in 1922 Times reporter accompanied Howard Carter in the discovery of the tomb of Tut-ankh-Amun. In the year 2000, now comes the famous British archaeologist Lara Croft, Carters successor.
The background story is told at the beginning of the level.

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Walkthrough of
Tomb Raider 4-
The last Revelation

from Stella


1. Angkor Wat
2. Race for the Iris

King's Valley

3. The Tomb of Seth
4. Burial Chambers
5. Valley of the Kings
6. KV5


7. Temple of Karnak
8. Great Hypostyle Hall
9. Sacred Lake
10. Tomb of Semerkhet
11. Guardian of Semerkhet


12. Desert Railroad
13. Alexandria
14. Coastal Ruins
15. Catacombs
16. Temple of Poseidon
17. Lost Library
18. Hall of Demetrius
19. Pharos, Temple of Isis
20. Cleopatra's Palaces


21. City of the Dead
22. Chambers of Tulun
23. Citadel Gate
24. Trenches
25. Street Bazaar
26. Citadel

Pyramids of Giza

27. Sphinx Complex
28. Underneath the Sphinx
29. Menkaure's Pyramid
30. Inside Menkaure's Pyramid
31. The Mastabas
32. The Great Pyramid
33. Khufus Queens Pyramid
34. Inside the Great Pyramid
35. The Temple of Horus

Walkthrough of all Level as PDF File      

Tomb Raider 4
The Times Level

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Walkthrough-The Times-Exclusive Level