Tomb Raider 5-Chronicles-In Memory of Lara

Lara was buried alive in the last expedition in the Temple of Horus, their friends gather for a memorial service and think of four of Laras adventures back. But no one could guess that Lara is alive!

Weapons. Pistols, rifles, revolvers, Uzi, Dessert Eagle, Heckler and Koch rifle Secrets are in the form of a golden rose. If you have collected all secrets, the special features are available on the Options menu.

Cheats PC:

To my knowledge there is only a cheat, which is for getting unlimited large or small Medipacks. Lara may only just have one large Medi Pack and not be at full health. Select in the inventory the large Medi Pack, then press "0" (look around key) and "9" above the O key than press enter. For the small Medi Pack, press look around key and press the "0" above the P, press Enter. If you need more ammunition, you must handle it with the savegame editor, look at my links page.

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Tipps and Infos:

Do not start the game via the autorun feature of the CD, in this case no score can be secured, always start the game via the start function of the hard drive ("Start, Programs, Core Design ..... ")!

More Infos you can get at Stella!

Tomb Raider 5-Chronicles on modern operating systems Win XP/Vista/7 x86 and 64bit

Get the Tomb Raider Multipatch for Win XP/Vista/7 here at tombraiderchronicles.


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Tomb Raider 5-Chronicles

from Stella

Rome, Italy

1. Streets of Rome
2. Trajan's Markets
3. The Colosseum

Zapadnaya Litsa, Russia & Barents Sea

4. The Base
5. The Submarine
6. Deepsea Dive
7. Sinking Submarine

Black Isle, Ireland

8. Gallows Tree
9. Labyrinth
10. Old Mill

VCI Headquarters,
New York, USA

11. 13th Floor
12. Escape The With Iris
13. Red Alert!