Tomb Raider 6-The Angel of Darkness-The five Obscura Paintings

A desperate call from her former mentor Von Croy leads Lara to Paris. Von Croy has been asked by an ominous client who calls himself Eckhardt, to find one of five images (the famous Obscura paintings) from the 14 century. In Paris, Lara finds a city in fear and terror, Von Croy victims of a terrible murder, and Lara, remains under suspicion of murder and has to flee. During the adventure Lara encounters a like-minded adventurer, Kurtis Trent, located on the search for Eckhardt. In an attempt to track down the dead Von Croy to unravel , Lara is involved in the business of underworld, ugly murders, a dark form of alchemy and history spanning centuries into a blood betrayal and revenge .

Weapons: A lot of different handguns and rifles, an electric shock weapon
anesthetic darts and much more.
Plot locations: Paris and Prague.
There are no secrets here!


This time, Lara Croft faces much more complex situations and characters, the opposite to the past Tomb Raider games, where the players had to make more decisions. Lara now has the ability to interact with other characters and can choose between different approaches. Lara herself is a stronger character and complex heroine who not only changed the look, but also with an altered Character by a breathtaking scenario suggests.

The game has a new engine that was designed, to spoon out the possibilities of play Station 2 and the latest PC graphics cards full potential. Lara is now made with more than 5000 polygons as opposed to the 500 of the last 5 Tomb Raider games. She now operates in a highly detailed world, which she leads to the streets of Paris and to the underworld of Prague.

Technical problems on the PC?

If the DirectX 9 has been installed, all you need in this case is a direct X 9.0a compatible graphics card driver and sound card drivers, the best will be to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer. Creative Labs offers for its sound cards so far no DX9 drivers, in this case respond the in the DirectX Setup (prompt enter "dxdiag") under the sound option pull the sound acceleration slider to the left, as one step often is enough, which means "Standard Acceleration", the EAX in the game options should be also disabled (fixes Mickey Mouse voice and crashes to the desktop). Under certain circumstances, the anti-virus program, such as for example Norton AntiVirus should be turned off press "Ctrl" "Alt" and "DELETE" and stop it in the task manager. Get more useful information at Stella. Meanwhile, some patches have been released, two of which I believe again were withdrawn, then there is the patch version 42 and 52 important to know who would like to install the V 52, V 42 must be installed first and if V 52 is installed generally no longer old scores can be loaded!
Download V 42 and V 52.

PC-System requirements: Pentium III 500 MHZ, 128 MB Ram, 16 MB 3D
Video card according to the manufacturer, it should be not under in my opinion
1GHZ, 256 MB Ram and a 32 MB 3D graphics card.

Tomb Raider 6-AOD on modern operating systems Win XP/Vista/7 x86 and 64bit

The Tomb Raider Multipatch for Win XP/Vista/7, download at tombraiderchronicles.


Tomb Raider 6-AOD Titel music


Cheats PC

I don`t know any, but you can download the cheatenabler here, the cheatenabler works only with the unpatched version of the game. You can get a trainer here. For patched games you can get here your cheatinfos.

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Walkthrough of
 Tomb Raider 6

        Angel of Darkness

from Stella


1.  Parisian Back Streets
2.  Derelict Apartment Block
3.  Industrial Roof Tops
4.  Margot Carviers Apartment
5.   Parisian Ghetto
6.  The Serpent Rouge
7.  St. Aicard's Graveyard
8.  Bouchard's Hideout


9.  Louvre Storm Drains
10.  Louvre Galleries
11.  Archaeological Dig
12.  Tomb of the Ancients
13.  The Hall of Seasons
14.  The Breath of Hades
15.  Neptune's Hall
16.  Sanctuary of the Flame
17.  Wrath of the Beast
18.  Galleries Under Siege
19.  Von Croy's Apartment


20.  The Monstrum Crime Scene
21.  The Strahov Fortress
22.  Bio-Research Facility
23.  The Sanitarium
24.  Maximum Containment
25.  Aquatic Research Area
26.  The Vault of Trophies
27.  Boaz Returns
28.  The Lost Domain
29.  Eckhardt's Lab