Tomb Raider 7-Legend

In search of a mystical artefact Lara Croft is fighting on different continents against dark forces and corrupt machinations. The leader of all evil is an old acquaintance from her past, the long believed was dead. And that's just the beginning ..........

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Lara Croft at its best:

The polygon count and animation of the trigger-happy adventurer were significantly increased and so to present the most beautiful Lara ever.

Back in the "Tombs":

Lara's new adventure leads you into the old and long forgotten worlds the secrets of the past still keep strict.

Perfect control:

A completely revised control ensures excellent playability.

Pure dynamics:

The new animation system is specialized in seamless Movements. Lara copes with obstacles and dangerous stunts without any interruptions.

New Moves:

Lara combines her exceptional acrobatic skills with the deadly precision of their weapons - including unique signature moves.

Multiple solutions:

The intelligent use of technical equipment, weapons and objects allows the player plenty of room for improvisation in solving tricky tasks.

Superior realism:

New technologies in the field of fire and water effects, together with a physically correct world game, Lara's breathing hazardous new adventures of realism.

Around the globe:

Tombs, dangerous jungles trails, snowy landscapes and fabled ruins - discover exotic places around the world.

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Patch 1.1

This patch fixes performance, gamepad, and stability problems.

Patch 1.2

This patch fixes sound stutter on some systems, some improvements in NetxtGen mode and provides a "GO" button for an assignment.

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Walkthrough of
 Tomb Raider 7

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    Croft Manor
    1. Bolivia
    2. Peru

    3. Japan
    4. Ghana (West Africa)
    5. Kazakhstan

    6. England
    7. Nepal
    8. Bolivia Redux

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