Tomb Raider 2013-Reboot

Four years, after Tomb Raider Underworld, Crystal Dynamics was working on the new Tomb Raider.

The game is completely new, including programmed graphics engine and now also has a new storyline from the beginning. As Karl Steward explained sometime, it was a shortcoming of the old Lara Croft, that nobody knows her. There were some broken pieces in the games and movies that tried to give Lara a history. In 1996 it was probably so that Toby Gard realized a game idea, but a storyline was more far in the background. And yet, this game gained such a high cult status! Laraunlimited.de reiterated once against employees of Square Enix, the game concept in his simplicity paired with very good background music effects, established the success of the first Tomb Raider. They answered me, where in 1996 ranged still 40-50 people to build a game, that today hundreds are employed, for economic reasons the game has to take part on the market.
And the balancing act has succeeded in a good action-adventure game, where is it to solve some puzzles. As laraunlimited.de already mentioned, he doesn`t like the fight scenes, but I must admit that by the very good graphics and control, also creates a nice tension. After some teething problems on the PC platform, it runs now with the patch build 1.0.730.0.und the new Nvidia 314.22 drivers very good.

Acting: Lara fights after being shipwrecked on an island against an obscure sect. There is on the computer base a detailed test report read more ...

Acting places: An island in the devil sea.
Weapons: ax, bow, pistol, shotgun and rifle.


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Technic PC

After the game was released on 05.03.2013, there were initially more problems with the PC version. Especially on systems with Nvidia graphics card, the game crashed with high graphic settings and switched on tessellation, very often. Meanwhile, the third patch was released Build 1.0.730.0. which should be loaded automatically via Steam, the version number you see on the start screen at the bottom right. Nvidia released the driver version 314.22, now with patch and the driver all problems seem to be solved.

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PC minimum-configuration

PC required configuration

The meeting at 20/06/2012 on the Cap San Diego

Video of the meeting

In the presentation the so-called "Base Camp" has been presented. This is the beginning of the game and will be the level of training. But where Lara also gets their equipment and can always go back there again for example, to complete her equipment . In addition, some excerpts of gameplay, where this was already clear that a story will be told during the gameplay. What was also in "Angel of Darkness" highlighted a few years ago very positive, apart from the very poor control.

Very detailed information about the history and course of the game you get here.

On demand of laraunlimited.de in the interview with Karl Steward, he couldn`t fix the PC system requirements. Because they are just working at the graphics, but he announced that this should be clear at the end of 2012. laraunlimited.de said, he should know if he has to buy a new graphics card, but I hope my Nvidia GTX 560 Ti will work with the new Tomb Raider.

laraunlimited.de was very pleased to be able to participate in this meeting, in one way I could once get to know personally all the people which I met since 10 years online. On the other side is also laraunlimited.de his recognition of the whole work with his website, of course, were the other fan sites invited to this meeting.

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Unfortunately I have no more time to write a walkthrough in the following you see some fansites with walkthroughs.


Karl Steward
Global Brand Director

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